RADC Drones Introductory Event Partner Training presented by the REC Foundation 9/21/2021

This workshop is open to all regions who want to host a DRONE competition. All are welcome.

Becoming an Event Partner and hosting your own RADC event is a step that many coaches and mentors may wish to take. In addition to giving local teams an opportunity to compete, hosting a competition can also become an important component to the sustainability and growth of your program.

This workshop will run from 5:30 pm - 7 pm Central Time

The purpose of this roughly 90-minute training is to provide an overview of the role of an Event Partner, how to get started planning a Drone competition, the steps involved for posting an event, and a quick overview of the Tournament Manager software. This presentation is geared for those thinking about hosting an event for the first time, or people that may have some experience as an EP but are looking for a refresher webinar.

Before the meeting, attendees are advised to please check over the EP Guide*, found here, and you may also wish to download Tournament Manager, found here. The EP guide will give you an overview of the Event Partner’s role and responsibilities, and Tournament Manager is the software used to manage the competition.

This workshop will contain information that applies to Drones and RADC Events.

This workshop will not be recorded, but additional dates will be added.

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If you have any questions email rad@roboticeducation.org